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Betty Bryant, MCM, Betty Bryant Birthday Bash Brunch, Catalina Jazz

MCM was proud to reopen Egan's Ballard Jam House in Seattle, their first post lockdown show.
Matt Witek, MCM, Katie Thiroux, Justin Kauflin, after our performance for the Los Angeles Jazz Society  holiday party, Catalina Jazz.

“Miller’s voice—cheerful, positive—is one of the warmest and most welcoming voices in jazz.”

– Bruce Lindsay, All About Jazz

“Mark Christian Miller’s singing is a pleasure to the ear—breezy, rhythmically nimble, honest, and full of heart.”

– James Gavin (author of Is That All There Is? The Strange Life of Peggy Lee)

“Your singing is joyful, swinging, and a pleasure to hear.”

– Michael Feinstein

“Miller’s vocals are rich, nuanced and filled with his effortless talent for melodic invention….a stellar set.”

– Paula Edelstein, AXS

“Miller brings sincere feeling, solid swing and fresh interpretations to a variety of standards and superior obscurities.”

– Scott Yanow, LA Jazz Scene

“This is one album for just about every occasion – foreground, background, living room, bedroom or any room you care to mention – love it!” 

– Lance Liddle, BeBop Spoken Here (London)

“Mark’s voice is clear, tuneful and mature, while his interpretations of lyrics are insightful.”

– Bruce Crowther, Jazz Mostly

“Miller and this collection of timeless songs are thoroughly entertaining .”

– D. Glenn Daniels, The Jazz Page

“Mark Christian Miller’s vocals……as smooth as Fred Astaire on a freshly polished dance floor.”

– Dee Dee’s Diary, by Dee Dee McNeil

“Take a sensitive singer who cares about lyrics, put him in the company of first rank musicians, turn him loose on a program of terrific songs, and suddenly you have Crazy Moon.”

– Joe Lang, Jersey Jazz

“…solid and smart… enlivened by the strong musicianship and good choice of material.”

– Richard Kamins, Step Tempest

“Why did someone with so much talent wait so long between releases? But he’s back now, and that should make jazz vocalist fans happy.”

– Michael Doherty’s Jazz Log

“[Miller] lets his fine sense of taste lead the way whether in the song stack, choice of sidemen and arrangements or attitude and vibe in general.”

– Chris Spector, Midwest Music Review

“April Fooled Me” allows us to relax into Miller’s tender voice where the lyrics are served with a lovely emotional plea and a bit of heartbreak. I think it’s one of my favorites, and Jerome Kern and Dorothy Fields would be pleased to hear their composition so aptly delivered.” 

– Mary Bogue, Cabaret Scenes Magazine

“When Miller tries to float over Nelson’s beguiling piano notes in “April Fooled Me,” a true showcase of a vocalist’s talent, he surprises you. His lows are smooth, his highs are heartbreakingly real.” 

– Carol Banks Weber, AXS

“(Miller’s) tone is well balanced and warm… A solid outing by a solid vocalist.” 

– C. Michael Bailey, All About Jazz

“….as sharp as a shark skin suit…”

– George W. Harris – Jazz Weekly

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