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Betty Bryant Road Trip

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Betty Bryant

This will make the third year in a row I have had the pleasure of a San Diego Road trip with the one and only Cool Miss B, Betty Bryant. She is making another appearance at Martini’s Above Fourth Table and Stage.

It is no secret that I work with and hang out in a lot of nightclubs. It is part of my job, and also part of my passion for live music. Truth be told, it is not always a fabulous experience. Club owners can be notoriously tone deaf in terms of what it takes to sustain a successful venue. Too often they expect the artist to do all of the promotion, not understanding that it is for the common good to get a good crowd. And too often musicians take on the entire burden without even attempting to form a partnership with nightclub management. There are certainly exceptions to this situation, and Martini’s Above Fourth in San Diego sets the gold standard. Sher Krieger and the staff know how to run a room. The physical space itself is bright, contemporary, clean and inviting. Just the right size for cabaret, comedy and jazz, it is intimate but not cramped, and the sight lines from all the tables are good. From the moment we arrive for the afternoon sound check, we feel we are welcome, and the evening of the performance not only is Betty treated like a star, I am given the utmost respect as well. It is just a heck of a lot of fun to go there. And I get the added pleasure of car conversation time with a legendary musician who is also a dear friend.

San Diegans, check it out. See video of Betty, get more show information and order tickets online here. Tables are going fast, and I would say that good tables are going fast, but they are all good at Martini’s Above Fourth. Can’t wait!